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5 Rules for Maintaining Clean Customer Database

Title: 5 Rules for Maintaining Clean Customer Database


It’s a tradition before Chinese New Year to clear things up and the same goes to your data system.

In every organisation, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness and order of customer information as well. Clean data help organizations to save money, spot opportunities and maintain fruitful relationship with valued customers. Sounds complex and confusing? There is no better time to get this right than during this Chinese New Year Period. Get your customer information organised neatly and you are ready to gallop your way into the year of horse with confidence.

Here are the 5 rules for maintaining your customer database.

1) Maintain complete Data

The CRM account requires you to fill in numerous mandatory fields; it is tedious and time consuming. Therefore, before you decide which piece of information is to be stored in your customer database, you should ensure completeness of the information. Even if the person does not have an email, you should record the fact that there is no such information instead of leaving it blank. Another advice that we want to give you is that you should always keep your data simple but don’t fall into the trap of trying to ‘know it all’. Strive to record down only important and relevant information such as these nine bits of information:

1.1) Company name
1.2) Contact’s first name and surname
1.4) Contact’s designation or work title
1.5) Direct telephone number (land line)
1.6) Switchboard number (if different to direct number)
1.7) Handphone number
1.8) Email Address
1.9) Fax number


2) Update and Scrub Data Regularly

In order to keep any relationship alive, we need to constantly update, refresh or the relationship will slowly wither away.  You should introduce a process to systematically organise the information and update each detail accordingly, at least once a year. You wouldn’t want your intended email to be forward to a customer’s previous email address. Let alone sending to a non-existing email. It seems like a trivial matter but it is all these little things that would account to your overall brand reputation. Also, with the recent enforcement of Do Not Call Registry in Singapore, you wouldn’t want to risk the chance of calling prospects that are on the list. Besides, money will also be saved for calling only potential numbers that are likely to give you sales revenue.


3) Take care the health of existing data – Get Rid of the 3 Is

Inconsistent Data is probably one of the most difficult problems to detect as its detection requires inside knowledge.

Incorrect Data is difficult to validate for it does not appear to be invalid, inconsistent or incomplete.

Invalid Data – non-existent email addresses, impossible phone numbers can be detected at early stage of entry.

These problems cannot be solved using technology; rather it is the users that are responsible for the quality of data. Hence, one has to be watchful when keying in data. Such a quality can only be enhanced through human touch.


4) Date each entry

Milk is known to have expiry date, and so does other perishable food. Information is no difference. Putting in entry dates will help users to identify relevant data more efficiently. As such that every time a new data is keying in, the old information will be updated and you will be able to make amendment whenever it is necessary. Not only does this practice help you to organise data, it also help to take care the health of your data ( Refer to rule 3).


5) Invest in tools that help to organise your data

Managing a clean and systematic customer data base can be a daunting task. If you do not have enough knowledge and expertise, it will be a better idea to outsource this task to professional organisations that specialise in this field to take care of the data system for you. The system will cost you money, but in the long run there are plenty of benefits arising from owning an organised customer data base.

If you can invest millions of dollars in your business, why can’t you show some love to your data system. We promise you it will be a good investment. Click here for enquiries.